Ways To Stay Motivated During Your Workout

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

At some point of our workout, we all are tempted to cheat, whether that might be skipping out your last set of bur-pees, debating with yourself if you want to indulge into cardio today or convincing yourself to skip leg day so that you can walk tomorrow. Experiencing a lack of motivation in the gym can be as pernicious as experiencing it before you step into it.

A high level of motivation is indeed a key if you really want to feel healthy all year long. Not only this will help you to get the most out of your workout, but that’s exactly what will encourage you to get there in the same place week after week.

Motivation tends to take a back seat especially during the fall and the winter months. As the day starts to get shorter and colder, the last thing you want to do is to wake up early in the chilling temperature and hit up the gym – which indeed is quite a deal!

Though this enthusiasm will reform naturally over time, but what matters is to understand what really makes you feel motivated when it comes to FITNESS! You will always have to re-analyze why you are training so hard or why you want to see and feel that improvement in you.

Answer to your “WHY” is more important than anything to surge up your level of motivation!

Here in this article, we have bundled up some of the best tips and tricks which will lend you a helping hand to stay motivated and to reach your level of fitness and performance goals, no matter what season it is!

So pull up your sock, and get ready for some action!

Challenge your GOALS, and you will come up with flying colors

Make up your mind and commit to your goal that will help you to get in shape. Start with simple exercises and then strive for longer range goals. It’s good to be ambitious and motivated, but always remember to make your goals achievable and realistic.

Set up your pragmatic goal that includes clear milestones, as it helps you to achieve your target. Consider your goal as a mission to fit into your bikini or into your favorite pair of denim. What so ever your goal may be, DEFINE IT, WRITE IT and REVISIT IT daily!

A little friendly competition is appreciated

Even if you generally don’t have a competitive nature, having to push your 100 percent in context to someone else can really act as a major motivator. Whether you are wondering to take home at a first place or just want to run faster than the other person next to you on the treadmill, letting someone else’s spur rub off on you surely helps you to push you beyond your levels of expectations.


Treat yourself

Settings up a new set of goals are great, but what’s the magic that motivates you to achieve them? Trust me, satisfaction isn’t always enough for you to achieve your goal, so we need to find to loophole to rise up beyond your limits, and that can be easily done by pampering yourself with a tangible reward!

What say?

A new pair of your favorite headphones that you always wanted to buy or what about your favorite dark chocolate ice-cream with waffle that you wanted to have for such a long time, innovate your methods to treat yourself as it will help you to stay motivated.

Hire a COACH

Most of the people live with a misconception that they don’t require a PERSONAL TRAINER, but working with a professional expert at any level can boost up your workout. Having a professional trainer helps you to remind you about the right postures, techniques and following you through each repetition encourages you to work harder.

MOTIVATION can be really very hard to come by…but with the help of these tips and tricks you will for sure be able to ROCK your GYM!

As it rightly said by our gym instructor that..


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