Things That Will Drain Your Will Power

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Willpower! Everyone seems to want more of it. And most of the times, we feel that other people have more of this magic, than we do.

With this perfect piece of information, we are here to tell you, that’s not the case with everyone, as all the glitter that you see is not always GOLD! In fact, we are pretty sure that you have a willpower master somewhere deep down inside you, which might take a bit of finding and then finally busting free.

Willpower can be used in numerous ways – ways which are not most of the times related to your health or fitness goals.

Let’s read further, to understand some of the most commonly seen traits that we tend to ignore, might be draining our willpower.

Let’s dive in!

You are not sleeping well!

Sleeping for less than six hours is actually a kind of chronic stress which confuses your mind and body regarding absorption of energy. With such practices your prefrontal cortex brain gets hit hard, thus losing control over the important regions of your brain. So before building up our new habit, one needs to be relaxed and rested.

When your mind and body are relaxed, everything feels in control, and so is your will power to achieve your goals.

You are not eating – enough!

When we repeatedly call out for the term “HUNGRY”, that means that we have a strong reason behind it. You must eat in an adequate amount whenever you feel hungry; one must never overly deny or restrict themselves from eating. If you still want to follow the path of starvation then my dear, by now you might have understood the reason behind your lack of willpower.

You are on DIET or dieting without realizing

Dieting or unknowingly getting rid of your daily meals takes a lot of your energy and that too directly from your core. The extraction of energy is much amplified to disrupt your willpower, thus making you feel less in power while you are on the track of achieving your fitness goals.

You still haven’t set clear boundaries in other areas of interest

Well, if you are constantly attending parties and functions that you don’t want to do or resisting yourself from eating your favorite chocolate dessert – then also you might be draining a whole lot of your will power. The very first step to get rid of such urges is to say – NO and setting your boundaries. Such practices will not only help you to achieve your fitness goals but will help you to enhance your will power.

Don’t believe, Try it!

You think you need more!

The main thing is not about having more or less willpower; in fact it’s all in your brain. All you need to do is to make yourself determined enough to make the most out what you have got with and within you. So never get into limiting yourself as one might never know the potential they have to follow their passion.

Use what you got wisely as you might surprise yourself!

Final Thought!

The bottom line is quite crisp and clear as your willpower provides you with a finite resource; you need to fuel up your tank to make it work so as to achieve your fitness goals.

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