Exercise is mandatory for living a healthy, fit and stress free life- FACT Known by all.

But when the most sensitive time comes in the life of a woman , when she is going to be a mom, when there are physical, mental and emotional challenges- Is Exercise is mandatory, Is it safe, Is it helps to prevent complications and many more confusing questions in the mind of mom to be.

Everything seems new and changed, Thousand of question, what to do? or what not to do?….

In easy terms, it need lots of planning for a pregnant body to practice exercise. Exercise during pregnancy prevents discomfort and prepares the body for labor and delivery. Physical activity boosts energy levels and reduce hormonal problems.


•Prevents excess weight gain.

•Helps you in getting enough sleep.

•Rejuvenate mood and stress level.

•Helps in muscle toning and strengthened immune system.

•Reduces backaches, constipation, bloating.

•Maintains your posture.

•Helps in preventing Gestational diabetes.

•Fight fatigue.

•Relieve Constipation.

•Speed Post-Delivery Recovery.

•Lowers the risk of Delivery complications.

Your doctor will always tell you to be active till you are comfortable or not having any other health complications. In most of the cases exercise is safe during pregnancy. You don’t need to worry, because there is a fluid in amniotic sac which surrounds the baby, inside uterus surrounded by many other organs, bones and muscles. It all keeps developing baby in very safe surroundings.

Exercises that are important and safe too-

•Kegal Exercises- Kegal exercises strengthens those muscles which are used by the body during labor or delivery. It is found that women performing these exercises usually give birth easily to their babies. It also prevents from two big problems during pregnancy-Bladder leaks and hemorrhoids. These exercises are also useful in post-pregnancy for improving perineal healing, bladder control and gives power to pelvic floor muscles and there is one more plus point that you can do them anywhere, without letting know anyone.

•Swimming- It is most safe recommended exercise during pregnancy by health experts. It strengthens the muscles without giving any pressure and stress to the joints and It also make you experience cardiovascular exercise by increasing your heart rate without being getting overheated. While doing swimming in pool , there is least risk of falling or of any other mis-happening, but there must be someone outside the pool to let you come out of pool with a proper balance.

•Walking- It is recommended better than running or jogging. Start with small distances and then increase according to your schedule. It puts less pressure on your knees than running. Walk on leveled ground to avoid falling and wear balanced shoes.

•Yoga- There are several yoga classes for pregnant women, don’t try any Ananias according to you, Because many yoga poses are not good for baby and mother but Ananias that are specially designed for pregnant women are very helpful and improves the health of baby. It relieves stress and pressure of your body and tone your muscles. So perform yoga according to your yoga instructor by staying in your comfort.

•You can also join classes of AEROBICS by asking your healthcare, if it is safe for your condition.

*Exercising during pregnancy doesn't stops at mom’s health. It also benefits child in long term by making them better -insulin sensitive, having lower BMI, Fitter heart and helps in increasing mental health.

But still there are some activities or exercises which we have to AVOID.

•Exercises with excessive jumping, running or skipping.

•Bouncing while practicing stretching.

•Waist twisting while standing.

•Holding Breath for long time.

•Exercising in hot weather.

•Doing exercise where chance of falling are more.

•Exercise in which there is rapid change in motion or direction.

•Doing Exercise out of comfort zone.


How to prepare your body for exercise?

•Motivate yourself by seeing the health benefits to you and your baby by reading articles and watching videos of workouts by pregnant women. Best way to start this is to enroll your name in some classes especially for exercises for to be mom.

•150 minutes per week during exercise is enough to active your body and get all health benefits. These 150 minutes should be divided in half an hour sessions daily or 10- 10 minutes 3 times a day daily. If you were not doing exercise before, start slowly with very moderate kind of exercises like brisk walking or moderate yoga 5 minutes a day.

•Drink plenty of water during and after exercise.

•Before doing exercise, warm up your body by meditating and doing some hand and foot movements.

•After doing warm up, try stretches of your thighs, pelvis and lower back.

What to eat during Pregnancy?

At the time of pregnancy , need of nutrition doubles in a women’s body because baby also feeds inside the body. Extra intake of 300-500 calories approx. is required at the time of pregnancy. Diet lacking nutrition may negatively impact on baby’s growth. Poor value of nutrition in your body may leads to pregnancy complications and increases risk of gestational diabetes . Good nutrition also helps you to reduce weight post-delivery.

DAIRY PRODUCTS- It is best source of high quality protein, casein and whey, High amount of phosphorous, vitamins, magnesium and zinc.

LEGUMES- It is good for health of mother and foetus during first trimester. It is rich in fiber, protein, iron and calcium. Legumes are rich in folates which is very beneficial for mother.

SWEET POTATOES- These are rich in beta- carotene, a plant compound which are converted into VITAMIN A in your body.

SALMON- It is rich in omega 3- fatty acids. Normally, it is not found in normal daily diet, it helps in building brain and eyes of your fetus.

EGGS- It contains high amount of protein and fat and mainly it is a great source of choline.

DEFICIENCY OF CHOLINE increases the risk of neural tube defects and also risks the brain of fetes underdeveloped.

WATER- During pregnancy, blood volume increases by up to 1.5 liters. Therefore, its important to stay hydrated. Dehydration results in constipation and urinary tract infection. So it is recommended to have approx. 2 liters of water daily.


It needs a balanced diet for the proper growth of baby. It is natural to gain weight during pregnancy, but to gain it in a healthy way is safe for health of mom and foetus both.

It is recommended that always consult your healthcare doctor, if you face any complications, in any difficult situation. Before doing anything, let your doctor know about that-After all it is a question of you and your upcoming baby, who is going to be your lifeline.

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