Five Signs You Are Eating Improper Diet

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

We are in the era where we hardly get time to eat or monitor our healthy eating habits. Which leads our lifestyle to worst phases of health related problems. Which can be fatal for us in long run and then there are those who take a step forward to be healthy and start a diet plan which are famous on the internet or a diet plan someone their known have followed and got results.

However these kind of random diet plans may give you result but does not lead a person for a healthy lifestyle which is the most important goal we all have after all. We are following keto, vegan, gluten free, low carb, high carb, dairy free, paleo and many more to get desired result but we have forgotten about the simplicity of listening to our body.

Balanced diet is the key to a healthy life. Instead of eating foods focused solely on protein, carbohydrates and fat, we should prefer eating variety of foods from all the major groups including vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet is needed for our organs and tissue to work effectively. When our eating habits are lacking needed nutrients, our body gives us some signs of deficiency by itself which we ignore and deal with its consequences later in our life. Those most common Five signs of eating improper diet are as follows:-

Low Energy

Eating not enough calories leads to the feeling of tiredness most of the time. Restricting the intake of calories can slow down metabolic rate and lead to fatigue, it is most common for those who follow a diet plan which they see on internet without understanding what are their calorie needs. In fact when we plan a diet plan without proper percentage of Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat we tend to feel low in energy.


Calculate your daily food consumption before planning a new diet plan to cut or to gain. For example a person who is eating 4000 calories a day should not start a diet plan which consists 1500 calories a day, chances are he\she will feel dieting is very difficult and will drop the idea of being healthy. Instead drop 500 calories every week or every 15 days out of current calories intake when weight lose is the goal and its vice versa for those who wants to gain weight.

Hair Fall

Eating improper diet can lead to hair fall. Eating fruits and vegetables with few protein and calories in the name of eating healthy will not supply your body with proper elements needed for optimum hair growth. So do not avoid the sign of constant hair falls as poor eating leads to deficiency of nutrition needed for hair growth and scalp health.


Its important to consume vitamin A,C and E for healthy scalp. Add foods like fish liver oil, dairy, green vegetables and citrus fruits into your meal plan and see the results. Other vitamins like biotin, B5, B6 and B12 help prevent hair loss and benefit your hair growth. Add foods like whole grain, egg yolk, hemp seeds, etc. Make sure you are eating enough calories with proper percentages of macros.

Constant Hunger

Feeling hungry most of the time is one of the sign that you are not eating proper food or too much time gap between meals. Lack of dietary fibres in your diet chart are one the important reason you are feeling hungry even after a healthy meal.


Every healthy adult shall consume 14grams of dietary fibres per 1000 calories. It will help you feel full throughout the day while improving your bowel function. Oats, barley, quinoa are some of the rich source of dietary fibres.

Feeling Cold Most Of The Time

Less calories intake leads to less energy production further leading to decrease of body temperature. Which in result makes you feel cold most of the time as your body lacks heat generated through healthy foods.


Do not fall pray of crash diets or detox diets. Living on food sources which are less in generating body temperature along with low in nutrition will not only make you weak it will also suppress your immune system. Make a proper diet plan based on your calories need or deficit 500 calories from your current diet plan to see best results of weight loss over time.


Infrequent bowel movement may be related to inadequate calories intake. Overeating or underrating can both lead to irregular bowel syndrome because we sometime focus on eating calories based on protein, carbohydrates, fat alone and underestimate the importance of dietary fibres and green vegetables in our diet


Make sure to have 14 grams of dietary fibre per 1000 calories along with green vegetables with every main meal of the day to avoid constipation and consult your doctor if healthy eating is not helping you out


Above given signs are based on experience and researches. Before making any changes in your lifestyle or eating habit consult your physician or registered dietician. These signs can be caused because of already existing health problems or if you are on some medication

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