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Green Tea is most preferable Beverage by Health Consultants or Doctors and considered as Most Healthiest Beverage on this Planet. It is loaded with profuse amount of Antioxidants and Nutrients as compared to other teas which effects our body in very healthy way. Green Tea is one of the least processed beverage with corpulent amount of Catechins. Catechins is dynamic and powerful antioxidant which hinders Cell Damage.

Studies have showed that, Consumption of Green Tea Improves Functioning of Brain, Helps In Fat Loss And reduces the risk of several types of Cancers such as Lungs, Colon, Esophageal , Skin, Breast and Bladder.

Here are Some Detailed Health Benefits Of Green Tea-Helps in Weight Loss and Reduces the Risk of Becoming Obese-

Flavonoids and Caffeine present in Green Tea increases the metabolic rate and fat oxidation which promotes fat loss especially in the abdominal area and also improves Insulin Performance In Body . Green Tea is very easy way to replace sugary beverages from your lifestyle and preventing yourself from having thousands of calories which automatically decreases the fat percentage in your body and slims your waistline.

Reduces the Risk Of Heart Diseases

(Cardiovascular Disease)-

Green Tea Decreases the risk of Heart Diseases and Heart Stroke ,which is one of the biggest cause of Death In The Whole World. Studies shows that it basically keep check on Cholesterol , LDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides with its profuse amount of Antioxidants . It also Improves the artery function which is the one of the main pathway towards heart problem. It is researched that green tea drinkers have up to 31% less risk of Cardiovascular Diseases.

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes-

Diabetes is one of the most common disease among people , In this disease blood sugar level in body elevated and insulin resistance decreases or sometimes body is not able to produce Insulin. Studies shows that Polyphenol ( Epigallocatechin gallate ) EGCG in Green Tea is a main chemical which improves and meliorate Insulin Sensitivity and Decreases the Blood Sugar Levels in the Body. Hence ,Green Tea is exuberant beverage for people who are suffering with Diabetes.

Prevents Inflammatory Skin Diseases-

Green tea prevents your skin from problems like dandruff and psoriasis with its herbal qualities , Studies shows that Polyphenol in Green Tea have potent therapeutic effect on skin which prevents free radicals from generating into skin , which reduces Ultraviolet rays Inflammation. With its unique effect on skin it also makes your skin looks more younger.

Prevents from Dental Problems like tOOTH DECAY-

Streptococcus Mutans bacteria is responsible for plaque formation and leading contributor in further problems like Tooth Decay and Cavities. Researchers prove that Catechins in Green tea hinder the growth of Streptococcus Mutans and other Bacteria which prevents our Dental Health .It is also said that Green Tea Prevents Bad Breath.

Reduces the risk of Neurological


Green tea improves Brain Function not only for short term , but it also help you to fight with neurological problems in Old Age. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are the two most common neurodegenerative diseases in Old Age. Alzheimer’s causes dementia and Parkinson’s causes death of Dopamine producing Neurons in Brain. Various Studies shows that Catechin Compound present in Green Tea have strongly protective effect on Neurons which lowers the risk of these two Diseases.

Prevents Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dangerous disease and life threatening disease from past Few Decades. Cancer is caused Due to Unwanted and Uncontrolled Growth of Tumor cells. It is said that Oxidative damage causes Cancer on which Anti-oxidants have Protective Effect. Green tea is enriched with Antioxidants, so it is obvious that Consuming Antioxidants of Green Tea Reduces the risk of Cancer. Researchers Believed that Polyphenols in Green Tea kills Cancerous Cells and prevents them from Growth . Polyphenols in Green Tea Reduces the Tumor Growth and also reduces the effect of Ultraviolet UVB Harmful Radiations.

Observational Studies shows that Women who Drank Green Tea had 20-30% less chance of Developing Breast Cancer ,which is the Most Common Cancer among Women. Observational Studies also shows that Men Who Drank Green Tea 48% Less chance of Developing Prostate Cancer , which is the Most Common Among Men.

Reduces The Effect Of Asthma

Green Tea Contains theophylline, Which Helps In Relaxing The Muscles Which Are Supporting Bronchial Tubes And Reduces The Effect And Severity Of Asthma.

Green Tea is having many other small minerals which are very important for your health. EGCG has many other Medicinal Properties which are very powerful for curing your health problems. Anti- Oxidants present in Green tea reduces the formation of free radicals in body , which protects cells and molecules from Damage.

You can Sip your healthy beverage in any way you like- HOT! or COLD! , With Or Without Tea Bag. In any way it is beneficial .

NOTE- Try to choose a higher quality brand of Green tea, lower quality brands may contain profuse amount of fluoride.

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