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In our busy schedule, experiencing occasional stress problems are obvious, but shifting from occasional to frequent mode, turns to one level up resulting in anxiety problems but when these anxiety problems start interfering with physical quality of life, as like behavioral change starts seeming uncontrollable, shattered, irrational then it becomes anxiety disorders which results in serious consequences on mental health .

In the most essential respects, it is a psychiatric disorder which results in extreme worry, dread or nervousness. It is as dangerous and deleterious as like other serious medical problems, may be comparable to blood pressure and diabetes.

There is a stage in this disorder where person do not left with any demands, dampen all his hopes, left with no more positive senses, started showing disinterest in being alive and start feeling downhearted and discouraged. Known as – DEPRESSION.

Major Effects of Anxiety on Human Body—

1.Panic Attacks

2. Sense of Doom.

3.Increase in Blood Pressure.

4. Upset Stomach

5. Sense of Doom

6.Breathing Problems

7. Pounding Heart

8. Muscles and Joint Pain and so on… If it is not treated or diagnosed on time , it may result in life threatening problems. According to World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in every 13 people suffered with this mental disorder and only one third of these get treated. In order to get rid of it, exercise is considered vital. Exercise maintains mental health along with Physical Health. Studies shows that it is very functional and productive in reducing stress and depression and in improving alertness and concentration. It is very useful at that time when stress has depleted the ability of brain to concentrate.


When brain feels stress, it gives stimulation to nerves of body and results in bad affect on internal health of body. Solution to most of the problems is- Exercise.

· Exercise and other Physical Activities produces a chemical named Endorphins- a natural painkiller in brain which increases the ability to sleep by relaxing the stress stimulation. Scientists have proven that regular aerobics improves depression, relaxes the mood , increases self esteem. About five Minutes of Aerobic exercise releases Anti- Anxiety factors in brain and relax the stimulated stress by nerves.

· Exercise reduces the stress generating hormone CORTISON- Giving your mood a natural boost.

· Boosts Confidence- Exercise helps in loosing weight and in toning up your body which gives you different look , you will look more applauding and complimentary which rejuvenate you with aura of increased and rejuvenated strength and gives you confidence to fight with small stress issues.

· Improves Physical illness- keeps your brain away from thinking about physical problems or health issues which will makes you mentally fit.

· Improves the Immune system- Exercise helps the body to fight with future stress problems as well as cope with the physical health issues.

Psychologists studied exercise is extremely good for body, 10 minutes walk is as good as 45 minutes workout. Exercise elevates stress mood very fastly. It is demonstrated that brisk walk or any other general physical activity relax our stress level for several hours, comparable to taking a headache painkiller- Aspirin.


The most recent studies and surveys recommended that ,for adults at least 2½ hours of average level of exercise and 1¼ hours of strong and enthusiastic exercise each weak results in keeping away a human brain from all kind of disorders caused by anxiety.

YOGA- Yoga is a good initiative towards recovering this disorder. It is a most low-risk method of healing mental illness, It includes controlled breathing which helps in stabilizing the brain’s willpower and increases patience level. Yoga also helps in heart and blood pressure problems. You can feel the relaxing symptoms in your brain just after first session of YOGA.

AEROBIC EXERCISE- It includes running, cycling, swimming , dancing and so on. Although a little session of 15 minutes can balance your mental health by relaxing the stress hormones. Regular programs lasting from 10-15 weeks can completely treat anxiety disorders. According to studies, it is much better than any medication.

MEDITATION- Meditation keeps your nerves and stress hormones stable. It improves your thinking power more than any other exercise. You feel that meditation is sweeping stress out of your brain and taking you away from every mental stress and giving you extraordinary concentrating power. In it you, simply pay attention on your senses to get their control again without any over thinking problem.

WALK- Most easy and successful activity by which you can get rid from this serious problem very easily. To take breath from your frustrating business or work life just go for a walk to change your mind scenery which helps you to refocus again. Go for at least 30 min of walk daily to get immediate rejuvenation of your mind.


· Enjoy Aromatherapy- Researches shows that , certain smells of essences can change brain wave activity and results in depleting stress hormones in the body.

· Create Artwork- Colors have a same effect like meditation have on brain. Study found that patterns, designs colors decline the anxiety levels.

· Eat a Balanced Diet- High fat, High Sugar can increase stress hormones and results in mental illness. Consuming good diet brimming with mineral and vitamins halt the stress for long haul.

· Make Time for Leisure Activities- Try to develop self talk-positive habit and give precious time to yourself.

· At last the most effective action for relieving anxiety is Hugging your loved one and sharing your all feelings. When you hug someone a special hormone OXYCONTIN is released (also known as cuddle hormone) . It reduces the stress causing hormone Nor-epinephrine . It is one of the simplest method of relieving stress instantly. Oxycontin increase the level of happiness and lowers the level of anxiety and stress.

Life is full of inevitable ups and downs, but it is in our hand that how to manage this stressful life in relaxing and healthy way. Keeping stress at manageable level is very important for our healthy life. Practicing all above mentioned steps definitely just take away all your anxiety and mental illness.

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