Best Six Abs Workout

Everyone wants to have that perfect ripped looking mid section when it comes to defining someone as fit and need for attractive body. Its in our human instinct to tag someone as a fittest person if they have clear biscuit shaped abdominal muscles, and this demand of looking good naked most of the times end up leaving people in bad shape or health just to achieve ripped condition by doing tremendous amount of crunches and other forward spine flexions without balanced spine extensions.


However a smart workout plan for abs can nourish your body and mind with balanced diet in mind.

It is very true abs are made in kitchen and so does every other muscles too. But an unbalanced workout routine will not help the sacrifices you have made in kitchen. For example doing cardio alone will not sculpt that mid section into a Hercules image if you do not load them  with weights and core isolation movements

Lets get started

Follow this workout every alternate days along with your current workout routine.

You can perform them anytime of the day Pre or Post workout, or early in the morning.

But I personally like my clients to perform abdominal routines first thing in morning after a general warm up and if I have to modify it the timing for some considering the fact they don't enjoy doing workout first thing in morning then I prefer them to do in the end of their workout or on cardio days. Motive is to have stomach light when you perform abdominal workouts as you can feel those muscles better when stomach is empty.

Warm UP

Perform Them Back To Back Without Rest In Between

*Contract your abs as hard as you can